Tamalpais Media is a digital media creation firm based in Marin County, California. We create a wide range of digital media, including web sites, email, video, ebooks, and web based presentations. We are experts at placing visual material on the web for optimal user experience on any device.

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Tamalpais Media in 2019
Michael Holt

As we go forward, we look forward to continuing to serve our clients with effective digital media.

As marketers continues with their shift from traditional paid media to content marketing, Tamalpais Media will continue to provide effective content for the multiple devices that customers now use, and will continue to place user experience as its main organizational goal. For website and email development, we have advocated for mobile-first for several years now. This has nowbecome standard, as all websites must be mobile-ready. Analytics will be critical in the new year, and we will focus on assisting clients in adopting data-driven strategies that integrate data into all marketing decisions.



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